Friday, April 19, 2019

Why Staying at Cheap Hotel in Bandung?

Staying at cheap hotel is not something that you should be embarrassed about. Travelling can be done by anyone. However, it is not in everyone’s cup of tea to travel around the world luxuriously. If you plan to travel to Bandung, Indonesia, you do not have to stay at luxurious hotel. Instead, you can stay at cheap, affordable hotel. Why? Check the reasons down below. Benefits of Staying at Cheap Hotel in Bandung There are numerous benefits that you can get from staying at cheap hotel in Bandung. Bandung is indeed one of the most famous cities in Indonesia with plenty of tourist destinations. No wonder that in this city, hotels are available practically everywhere.

Here are the reasons to choose affordable hotel murah instead of luxurious, deluxe hotels. Saving Budget Obviously, the main benefit of staying in less expensive hotel is to save money. Smaller hotels with fewer stars on it do not mean that they are bad. As long as the facility is enough to get you good night sleep at the end of the day, you need to consider staying at that kind of hotel. Less Fuss

Cheap hotel is unlike the expensive, luxurious grand hotels. It is simpler when it comes to everything, including asking for something to the hotel staff. In other words, the hotels are more flexible. It usually also has fewer guests, making the staff is more available to attend the guests.

Widely Available Bandung is surrounded by unique tourist destinations, including the infamous Tangkuban Perahu. This is why tourists come to Bandung all the time. Naturally, hotels are needed every time. The number of affordable, low budget hotels is higher than that of luxurious hotels.

Finding low budget hotels are surely easier in Bandung. Better Hospitality Instead of being run by massive companies and corporations like luxurious hotels, cheap hotel is mostly run by families. More than 60% of low budget hotel is family business and family owned.

Surely, the hospitality given to the guests are better. Sometimes, it is a very soothing gesture for the guests, especially those who have never been to the area before.

 Easier to Book Because low budget hotels are more widely available, of course this kind of hotel is easier to book. You do not have to book a room in the hotel weeks in advance, even when it is the peak of holidays like in the mid-year break. You just have to go for last minute book and still get a room. This is why if you come to Bandung, it can always be a last minute decision.

Now, it is clear as day that there are many reasons why you need to stay at more affordable hotel rather than staying at five-star hotel in Bandung. Basically, you are in the area to explore the city, not the hotel. This is why you need to make sure you spend the budget better on journey, not on the accommodation. Cheap hotel is the perfect solution here.